Manage care and maximize value based arrangements


Pharmacy benefit management challenges solved

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Unify data
SyntraNet unifies fragmented data by integrating with EHRs and payer systems to provide all pharmacy data in one place. Easy-to-use search functionality enables users to quickly surface information for better decision making.

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Automate workflows
SyntraNet has reference rules that can be configured to automate workflows and surface recommended tasks, RX savings, or interventions to drive cost savings and better outcomes.

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Coordinate care
SyntraNet makes it easy for pharmacy managers to coordinate, collaborate, and communicate in one centralized platform.

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Deep insights
SyntraNet allows pharmacy managers to track  prescribed RX program compliance.

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Promote transparency
SyntraNet enables pharmacy benefit management companies to identify gaps, understand factors affecting outcomes, and flag opportunities for intervention.

Pharmacy benefit management benefit breakdown

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Efficiently manage pharmacy benefits

Ensure providers are prescribing the most cost-effective medications

Promote medication adherence

Optimize value-based arrangements

Improve outcomes

SyntraNet features and functionality

Configurable platform
Implement workflows that are configurable for specific users including pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, pharmacy managers, and case managers.

Program management
Assign members to programs to focus efforts on high-cost drugs such as infusion and chemotherapy drugs or Hepatitis C drugs.

Member record
Get a 360 degree view of each member including health and pharmacy utilization, claims data, and prior authorizations.

Universal Search
Search the entire data pool by claim, member, RX, risk factor, status, priority and a range of other attributes.

Member lists
Create lists based on specific criteria to focus efforts on high cost, high utilizers.

Rules engine
Access a configurable rules engine with a set of reference rules to streamline workflows.

Queue dashboard
View a list of daily tasks to easily and efficiently track and complete tasks.

Reports and metrics
View reports and dashboards including outcomes, costs, and quality measures.